Wythamscapes - Sound Installation and Performance

Marking the 75th year of Oxford University’s acquisition of Wytham Woods (an area of woodland that has been the site of internationally significant scientific study), four musicians (Eric Clarke – violin and Stroviol, Bruno Guastalla – cello and bandoneon, Melissa Holding – koto and accordion, Julian Masters – guitars) spent a weekend in July making music and recording the sounds of the woods, in locations including The Chalet, Rough Common, The Singing Way and under the canopy of Wytham’s oldest tree.

With the creative studio input of Daniel Hulme, Wythamscapes is a sound installation that brings together a 24-hour cycle of the sounds of the woods juxtaposed with discrete episodes of sound and music, exploring relationships between people, sound, place and nature.

The installation  formed a part of Modern Art Oxford’s recent exhibition Future Knowledge (Sept 22 – Oct 28 2018),  a show focusing on creative responses to environmental concerns. 

The Art of Noises II will feature  the original sound installation, and a live performance by the four musicians drawing on the original sound materials.