The Formula of Giving Heart - Workshop with Khaled Khadal

the formula of giving heart

Khaled Kaddal is multidisciplinary artist and technologist based in London. He engages with the mediums of sound and open-source technology to create immersive live performances and audio-visual installations.

His works address the politics of sound and the aesthetics of authority and cognition, drawing on his background in computer engineering and music composition.

The workshop, co-hosted by the Music Faculty’s Electronic Music Practice RESearch group, introduces Kaddal’s latest project, The Formula of Giving Heart, developed during his current HCP Fellowship at TORCH and hosted by Dr Darci Sprengel.

With emphasis on the pulse as a scientific and aesthetic motif, the project is a cybernetic conversation between the body and bio-sensors about the human heart in times of adversity. In his exploration of Ancient Egyptian semiotics, Kaddal converts a 4500-year-old funerary and medical script into code for a multisensory programmed system resulting in an acoustic and data-driven audio-visual performance.

In the workshop, Kaddal will discuss the artistic inspiration behind the project, the transformations of the artistic process due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the implications on the future of performance and installation art.


For more information on Khaled Kaddal's Visiting Fellowship please click here.