The University of Oxford’s Electronic Music Practice RESearch group (EMPRes) aims to promote and advance research in Electronic Music Practice at a national and international level. It will do so by working with researchers and academics from a wide range of disciplines interested in electronic music, as well as with musicians, composers, producers and other members of the music industry. It aims to function primarily as a framework to provide support for practice-based activities.

The group's approach to electronic music practice is broad and inclusive, incorporating areas such as electroacoustic music, sonic art, record production and popular music, performance with electronics, field recording, music for film and numerous other genres and styles. The definition of electronic music is a complex, much-discussed topic, and EMPRes defines the field broadly.

EMPRes exists to foster and support activity in this field within the University, and to encourage collaborations between partners from different parts of the institution, local external partners, other institutions, and the music industry.


- To encourage collaborative research into electronic music practice

- To provide support for researchers active in the field

- To foster inter- cross- and multi-disciplinary research projects related to the practice of electronic music

- To provide support for electronic music research development in the institution

- To provide a forum for the interaction between practical and scholarly research in electronic music


Student membership of EMPRes is open to any interested person from across the institution.  There are regular meets to discuss potential new projects and activitites.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in joining in!

Steering Group:

Prof Eric Clarke

Prof Martyn Harry

Mr Daniel Hulme

Prof Gascia Ouzounian

Grad and post-grad representatives

The steering group will meet once a term to discuss and oversee projects and activities etc, and once a year will hold a more formal meeting to review the year’s activities, plan future activities. The steering group will be free to invite any interested party in the Faculty (and beyond) to contribute to their planning and discussions.