The Art of Noises III, feat. Trevor Wishart

Date: 2nd May, 2019. 6:00 - 10:00pm
Venue: Modern Art Oxford


EMPRES: Art of Noises III

Oxford University’s EMPRES Collective takes over the Modern Art Oxford galleries once more to present innovative performances and installations that explore the boundaries between music, sound and technology.

They are joined this time by celebrated electroacoustic composer Trevor Wishart, sound artist Satya Hinduja and sound art label Optophono.

All works of this Art of Noises event will be in response to The Script by Akram Zaatari, current installed at Modern Art Oxford.

Trevor Wishart creates music with his own voice, for professional groups, or in imaginary worlds conjured up in the studio. His most well-known works include The VOX Cycle, Red Bird, Tongues Of Fire, Two Women, Imago and Globalalia, and pieces have been commissioned by the Paris Biennale, IRCAM, Massachusetts Council for the Arts and Humanities, the DAAD in Berlin, the French Ministry of Culture and the BBC Proms. 

For the Art of Noises, he will talk about working with sound in the community (recording, preserving, transforming) as well as give a performance of multichannel electronic work and live vocal improvisation.

Optophono will be present to talk about their new edition which sounds out the spatial traces of memories, cultures, and bodies ingrained into the physical fabric of cities. 

There will be a showing of short film City of Impulse, focused on the hidden sounds of Beirut.

We also welcome Satya Hinduja to the Piper Gallery for a performance which is both sound installation and group meditation. Satya’s Alchemic Sonic Environment is influenced by the Hindu concept of Nada Brahma (the primal sound of being) and merges experimental electronic sound with Yoga sutras and Vedic philosophy to create a unique immersive, multisensory experience designed to invoke states of deep reflection, receptivity and exchange.

There will also be performances the Oxford Music Faculty and Ruskin School of Art graduate and undergraduate communities!


Art of Noises III